Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pirate nation should rise up

Charles one of the best

East Carolina Pirate fans are like many others when it comes to those who bring us the action on the radio and television, they accept them as part of the family. They celebrate wins together and they mourn losses. The play by play man is part of the team in all respects.
In no case is that more true than with the "Voice of the Pirates" Jeff Charles. For 25 years Charles has brought basketball and especially football to the Pirate nation. Now he faces the battle of his life as he faces off against colon cancer.
Once again the terrible word cancer is showing its ugly face. Ironically this is the week of the Jim Valvano basketball classic. Charles should remember his words "Don't give up, don't ever give up."
Thanks to the V Foundation and countless other fundraising charities Charles and other cancer victims have hope. Cancer is not the death sentence it once was, with many types completely treatable. It is time for those who wear purple and gold to stand up for one of their own and support our family member. It is time to "Pain this one Purple."

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