Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Anyone who has written a regular column knows at times it is difficult coming up with ideas, so this week I got a little help. I decided to examine some of the quotes of the great Yogi Berra and look at how they apply to our normal life.
The second anniversary of Yogi’s death at the age of 90 two years ago is an appropriate time to honor his words. There are too many “Yogisms” to fully examine them all, but some really give good lessons about life.
Anyone who knows me knows my favorite Yogism is “If you don’t go to other people’s funerals, they won’t come to yours.”
Though those words are funny, there is a lesson in this classic. We should have respect for people in general and particularly those who have passed on. Perhaps the Yankee great was telling us the only way to gain respect is to give it.
Another saying I found last week really struck an issue that is close to my heart. It is one we don’t seem to teach our next generation.
“I tell the kids someone has to win and someone has to lose, just don’t fight about it,” Yogi said.
The generation that has been growing up being taught everything is fair and everyone gets a “participation” trophy is learning a dangerous way to think.
An even better comment on that issue came from Bill Gates during a graduation speech. “Life isn’t fair, get used to it,” he said. That says it in a nutshell.
Yogi once said, “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.” In other words you have to consider all aspects of a problem and make a decision. The best way to get nowhere is to do nothing.
On a similar line, he once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up some place else.” In other words, plan on how you want to proceed in all aspects of life.
I have to wonder if another quote from Yogi applies to our current president. He once said, “Even Napoleon had his Watergate.”
President Trump may not realize it, but he can crumble like anyone else. Any man who thinks he is invincible may find out he is not.
I like another Yogism. He was so right when he said, “If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be.”
What a boring world we would have if none of us made mistakes. We all try to avoid them, but human nature always prevails.
A few other sayings that just bring a smile. “You better cut that pizza into four pieces because I can’t eat six.”
Another, “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” I could tell a story of at least one Harnett County business where this directly applies.
“Never answer an anonymous letter.” That is kind of why most letters without names don’t appear in newspapers. If people want to exercise their First Amendment rights they should have the nerve to take responsibility for their words.
I couldn’t write a column about the great philosopher without quoting his most famous words: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Well, this column is over for this week.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

And The TOMMY Goes To:

Though the time constraints of life have limited my column writing in recent days, the wild world of sports is bringing me out again. It is once again time for me to recognize recipients of the annual TOMMY Awards. This annual ritual is my way to recognize the people, places and things going on in the sports world that are getting my attention at the present time
And the TOMMY’S Go To:
The TOMMY For Dad of the Year In the Sports World Goes to Phil Mickelson.
Hats off to Lefty for passing up the temptation to fill the missing hole in his trophy case to go to his daughter’s graduation. There is no doubt My man Phil lies awake at times wondering when he will earn the prestigious title of U.S. Open Champion. He probably has nightmares about losing by one stroke to Payne Stewart at Pinehurst or shanking balls to the left off his driver in another attempt which cost him that title.
Those in the area will remember that Mickelson carried a pager with him in 1999, prepared to leave the tournament if his wife went into labor. He finished and only missed a title because of one of the greatest moments in North Carolina Sports History, Payne Stewart’s miraculous putt for par that handed him the title. His daughter Amanda was born shortly there after. It is no surprise that his love for his daughter once again took over predominance for the future hall of famer. Maybe Karma will pay him back with a title at Shinnekok Hills next year.

The What the Heck is Going on TOMMY also goes to Tiger Woods. My attention is once again drawn to the golf world following the arrest of Tiger Woods. As he has for years, Tiger keeps his health a secret but that secret was let out of the bag with his arrest and admission of having a problem with prescription pills.
Its hard to feel sorry for a guy who had the whole world in his hands and millions of dollars in the bank but beneath all that he is human. He needs our prayers that some how the can get his life back together.
The TOMMY for Bad Policy relating to young people goes to the NCAA.
Fact is "college" athletics is a joke these days. Students used to go to college to get educated and play sports on the side. Now athletes go to college to play and attend class on the side, maybe. I doubt the One and Dones who got NBA contracts this week spent little or no time in classroom. That is tragic. Its time for major reform when it comes to college athletes.

Monday, January 11, 2016

trying hard to stay up but I think Clemson is on the way to a National Championship. Alabama is historically good, but tonight it looks like the trophy is going back to South Carolina.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dream Season Could Make History

I have made every effort to watch Carolina Panthers games as their streak of unbeaten games continues. I have come to the conclusion that the possibility of a an undefeated season and a Super Bowl win are real possibilities.
That possibility comes to me because of several realities. The first is that Cam Newton is now one of the top five if not top two quarterbacks in the league.
As much as I don’t like Tom Brady and the rest of his team that repeatedly disregards rules of the game,  I have to admit he is likely the best play caller and field general in the league. He no doubt has one of the stongest arms in history, and certainly in today’s league.
Cam is gaining on him in all areas of his game. His size makes him a formidable weapon when he uses his legs. He can see over lineman and find open receivers repeatedly. I only wish he would tone down the taunting and showmanship after touchdowns. I have to admire his response to those questioning those antics when he said “If they want to keep me from celebrating touchdowns, they should keep me out of the end zone.”
As another old saying goes, “It ain’t bragging if its the truth.”
Cam Newton is only one reason for the outstanding season
As is the case with any team who has not loss, there are many pieces to this puzzle. Most notably Luke Kiechley is probably the best linebacker in the game. It is amazing how the man finds either the football on any given play. He is willing and able to deliver hits to slow down the advance of said ball when ever it is necessary.
A solid offensive line makes life easier for big number one. Offensive backs have only limited effectiveness without good linemen in front of them.
There are many other factors.
The fact that playoff tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes shows that Charlotte residents and fans from around the region are ready to support this group of players. It shows they support the group as they head for the playoffs. If destiny prevails and the Panthers and Patriots end up facing each other in the Super Bowl, lets hope the Cats show a little revenge for what happened the last time the two met in the big game.
Lets hope the ride continues, and even if a regular season loss sneaks up on them lets hope the Lombardi trophy finds a place on a shelf in the Panthers corporate offices in the near future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sports World also gives thanks

Most people alive in the America today can think of things they are thankful for. That also applies to sports teams, individuals and organizations and her is what I think some might appreciate the holiday season.

• Just the view of this blogger, but I would guess any team not on the NFL schedule to play the Carolina Panthers or New England would be thankful for that. The two teams seem destined for a Super Bowl rematch. Prediciton from The Corner. The two continue their marches toward a Super Bowl showdown.

• I think Tiger Woods should be thankful that it is the offseason. To say the greatest golfer of the current generation is over the hill is well, the truth. He showed brief glimpses of his old self in The Masters this year, but for the most part it was another season of failure.
 It might be time for Tiger, once again battling the effects on his body of torture like training regiments, to do one of two things, move up to the senior tour or move forward into the role of father of his two children. He clearly cannot compete with the Jordon Spieth and Ricky Flowers generation.

• Every team that doesn't play the Golden States Warriors on any given day should be very thankful. Who knew that when Stephen Curry was sinking three pointers for Davidson college he would one day be an all star on an undefeated NBA team. Hard to imagine any team running extended undefeated strings in the modern age of competitive sports. That gets the attention of anyone with even a little interest in the NBA.

*  East Carolina Pirate fans should be thankful for Coach Ruffin McNeill, and not so thankful for the higher ups that just fired him. As a graduate of this institution, I personally thank the coach. There were good years. A little bad luck this year should not have resulted in the coaches firing.
East Carolina has enough trouble getting recognized at the national level. We don't need this kind of decision making by the athletic director's off. To Coach Ruff, good luck and God speed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Its TOMMY Time

And The TOMMY goes to:  The list of things in the world of sports that gets my attention at the current time.

  So here we go:
The TOMMYs go to:
* I will get this one of of the way early but the Your Name is Still Bruce TOMMY goes to Kaitlyn Jenner. The Corner has never been about politics and that is not changing now but I was seven years old when Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathalon. No matter what the now Ms. Jenner says or does, in my mind he, or she, will always be the long haired guy in red white in blue throwing a javelin on a box of Wheaties. Dresses, makeup and high heels can’t change that. I am not judging the woman for her choices, merely saying taking that win in Montreal all those years ago is still the way I choose to remember you.
* The Little Engine that Could TOMMY goes to Tiger Woods. Come on big guy, you are just a few steps from taking that next major. In his prime Tiger was the best golfer in history not named Nicklaus. Now golf fans hope to see that red shirt walking up 18 one more time to bring home a title. I think you can, I think you can!
* The Tiger Who? TOMMY goes to Jordan Spieth. This young man is inching towards history. A win this weekend at the old course at St. Andrews and the PGA championship gets real interesting. It would be ironic for someone to win the Grand Slam while Tiger is still playing.
* The TOMMY for Class Act of the Year goes to major league baseball. Putting Pete Rose on the field at this year’s All Star game made the day. It would be hard to have an all star game in Cincinatti without Charlie Hustle being part of it. He will always be number 14 in the program and number one in the hearts of Cincinatti baseball fans.
* The Best Athlete of the Year TOMMY goes to American Pharoh, making him the first non human to hang a TOMMY in his award closet. Winning horse racings Triple Crown is an amazing accomplishment. I hope he is now enjoying his time in the pasture. Those of us alive may never see that done again.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

VP chimes in

Entry number 2 on my list of quotes involving the New England Patriots and their alleged Deflategate affair.
"Personally, I like my balls a little soft," Vice President Joe Biden.

Whole lot of smoke here, thinking there might be something to it. Former quarterback Troy Aiken made a good point. He said that there is no way someone on the team was purposefully deflating footballs without the quarterback knowing about it. Makes sense to me.