Monday, December 24, 2012

Chipper watch and other notes

News clip of the day, Chipper Jones is dating a Playboy model. And this is news because? Somehow I think that will come up when he is eligible for the hall of fame. He probably has paparozzi outside his house looking for a photo of his new girlfriend.
 It is unfortunate some writers try to exploit his personal life. He is no longer a player and is a private citizen. Everyone should remember that. His personal life has no place on the sports page.

Can't help to note the success in the NFL former N.C. State great Russell Wilson is doing in Seattle. It is unfortunate for State fans he thought he could play baseball better than football which caused a conflict with his coach and his career in Raleigh on the gridiron was limited. In the hoopla around Andrew Luck and RG Griffin III Wilson is getting lost but he every bit as promise as his fellow first year stars. It will be great to see how he does as he goes along.

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