Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hats off to the bombers
There haven't been a lot of times in my nearly 44 years that sports has brought me to tears but it almost happened last night. It was the sound of the fans in Yankee stadium singing Sweet Caroline that it did it to me.
 I never realized it before but that is the song sung at Fenway Park each game during the eighth inning. Yankee fans were saying in their own special way that they supported the Red Sox and the city of Boston. It was a class act.
Same goes for the Chicago Tribune with its sports page shortly after the bombings. It read Chicago Red Sox, Chicago Bruins and Chicago Patriots. Another unique way of saying "We stand with you Boston."
Over the years of newspaper and Internet columns I have given out numerous "Kudos from The Corner" but these two move to the front of the shelf.
A third Kudos to the organizers of the Boston Marathon. They made it a point to present medals to all those who were unable to complete the race because of the bombings. The explosions don't take anything away from the accomplishment of completing a marathon.
The Corner sends a special blessing to every person affected by this cowardly act.

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