Friday, June 21, 2013

And the TOMMY goes to....

Anyone who has been a regular visitor to The Corner in recent years if familiar with my annual TOMMY Awards. It is my way of looking at things getting my attention in the world of sports. This year it will be ongoing over the next two days as I pick up on sporting action.

The TOMMY for the Happiest Ex Con in the world of sports-Len Dykstra. Not sure what is dumber, hiding baseball gloves to protect them from a bankruptcy case or having a bankruptcy case in the first place when he made millions roaming centerfield at Veterans and and Shea stadiums. He was released from prison on the fraud charges Friday. Hope he enjoys waking up to look out windows and not bars.

The TOMMY for best sporting experience will be the one I have next year. If the golf gods have their way I will once again get a press pass to the U.S. Open. I did it in 2005 and it was a great experience. Next year will be special, watch for Phil Mickelson to get his elusive open title. Look for me to be on the edge of the green when he does it.

The third TOMMY of the Year is one for the second greatest basketball player in history, King James. Okay, you are the best player of a generation. I will give you credit for second place barely beating out Bird and Magic. Michael J. you are not my friend.

TOMMY number four is the Please Let it End TOMMY given to both the NBA and NHL. Someone in those leagues needs to realize no one wants to be in a gym or ice rink when it is 100 degrees outside. Both should follow the lead of college basketball and end in the spring. This year it was more than half way through June when both finished. I am not sure hockey is yet. Lets start playing winter sports in the winter!

We are half way through this year's ceremony and here is number five. The Who knows how it will end TOMMY goes to the New England Patriots. Bill Belichek has decided to let the Tim Tebow tour make its third stop in Foxboro. Surely Tebow knows he will be number two to Tom Brady. Surely he knows Belichek will have his way, what that is concerning Tebow. Somehow I figure they will both end up with a Super Bowl ring at the end of the game.

The TOMMY for best sports mystery, Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots. Looks like he is headed to jail for his role in a murder. Tebow is the least of Belichek's problems.

I have to give a TOMMY this year to all the small market teams making their mark in MLB this year.
Who can't cheer for teams like the Pirates, Reds and Orioles. Everyone knows about giants like the Red Sox, Yankees and Braves, but lets hear it for the little guy.

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Anonymous said...

Hook a brother up with some US Open tickets and Labron does not beat out Magic or Bird in my opinion. He barely makes the top ten.