Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Armstrong no surprise

There are a lot of people amazed that Lance Armstrong will confess to doping tomorrow night. He will admit he broke the rules. The world is surprised, I am not.
It is easy to like Lance Armstrong. Drugs or not what he did, winning seven Tour de France events is impressive. Like so many he was stricken with cancer only to win his battle. So many aren't that lucky. It is a crushing blow to all who put him on a pedestal. There was simply to much smoke. He denied his use so vehemently, to much so. in my mind. No matter how many times he denied it the evidence continued to grow. It became clear there was something to all the hype.
 Only Barry Bonds was more obvious in his use of drugs. Both claimed never to have used drugs and both were proven wrong. In either case I don't agree with stripping these amazing athletes of what they accomplished. It is no better than the so called stripping of Penn State of all its wins. In all three cases the games or events were won and the records broke. We need to get out of the habit of punishing athletes by vainly lessening their accomplishments.
It is not surprising that Armstrong came forward with his drug use. He is still one of he most amazing athletes of the last 30 years. Nothing will change that.

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